Chapter 6: transportation

Guiding Principles

  • Ensure streets are safe and navigable to accommodate all modes of transportation
  • Improve traffic flow and vehicular mobility throughout the community
  • Maintain and enhance existing road infrastructure
  • Increase pedestrian facilities throughout the existing road network

Goals, Strategies & Objectives

Goal 1: West Monroe offers safe and reliable transportation options to accommodate all users.

Goal 2: West Monroe maintains and maximizes its existing transportation system.

Goal 3: West Monroe plans, designs, and constructs transportation infrastructure to accommodate projected development and growth consistent with its future vision map.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Complete the multimodal transportation improvements as identified by the multicomponent Trenton Street Corridor Project, including:
  • Complete multimodal connectivity projects at:
    • Highland Park, including walking trails and parking areas
    • Kiroli Park (i.e. Kiroli Road/Kiroli Road Bridge), including bridge replacement, new sidewalks along Kiroli Road from Post Oak Apartments to Arkansas Road, and installation of pedestrian crossing (signals, signs, and striping) at Kiroli Elementary School
  • Develop a multimodal connectivity plan for the entire city to identify specific locations for shared use paths and wider sidewalks for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-vehicular traffic
  • Improve transportation infrastructure throughout the city, including the following projects:
    • Realignment of Coleman Avenue at the Endom Bridge intersection
    • Otis Street – mill and overlay and bike/pedestrian path
    • Natchitoches Street – mill and overlay, drainage, and bike lane
    • Downtown – additional parking spaces and central garbage drop location
    • Coleman Avenue and Montgomery Avenue – new railroad signals
    • Mane Street – mill and overlay from Downing Pines to interchange
    • Constitution Drive – pulverize and rebuild road base and pavement
    • Arlene Street – construct sidewalks near Highland Elementary School area
    • Tupawek Drive – construct sidewalks near Kiroli Elementary School area