Chapter 9: public infrastructure

Guiding Principles

  • Maintain and improve existing water, wastewater, and drainage systems throughout the community
  • Maintain and enhance the existing road network and bridges
  • Prepare for anticipated capital improvements
  • Increase investment in disaster mitigation efforts

Goals, Strategies & Objectives

Goal 1: West Monroe maintains its existing public infrastructure network.

Goal 2: West Monroe plans, designs, and constructs infrastructure improvements consistent with projected development and growth.

Goal 3: West Monroe administers quality community services and maintains modern municipal facilities.

Strategic Initiatives

  • On an annual basis, continue to develop and revise a CIP to prepare for the construction, maintenance, and replacement of public infrastructure and facilities

  • Improve water, sewer, and drainage infrastructure throughout the city, including the following projects:

    • Update data in city’s water system model for use in fire rating analysis

    • Rehabilitate the sanitary sewer lift stations on Drago Street and Austin Street

    • Make improvements to the Black Bayou Canal (including cleaning, widening, and armoring portions of the canal south of I-20)

    • Improve drainage (including cross drains, piping, and ditches) at the industrial park

  • Enhance the city’s existing street overlay program

  • Implement the ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

  • Complete the utility improvements as identified by the multicomponent Trenton Street Corridor Project, including:

  • Develop a broadband deployment and connectivity plan