Chapter 4:
Community character
& land use

Guiding Principles

  • Promote quality new development that is balanced to cultivate a healthy, livable community 
  • Protect and improve existing neighborhoods
  • Maintain consistent, equitable, and transparent land use decisions
  • Preserve and enhance downtown cultural and historic districts
  • Foster a safe and clean environment

Existing Land Use Map

Future Vision Map

Goals, Strategies & Objectives

Goal 1: West Monroe creates and maintains unified zoning districts that protect the intended, distinct character of each district.

Goal 2: West Monroe leverages its cultural and historic districts to promote similar development and growth in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Goal 3: West Monroe uses its available natural resources to foster and sustain a multimodal trail network, connecting residential neighborhoods to recreational amenities and the rest of the city.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Improve existing city zoning ordinance
  • Revise land use map to align with future vision map
  • Establish ordinance to regulate short-term rentals (ex. Airbnb)
  • Establish architectural and landscaping standards for commercial properties and newly constructed residential units
  • Pursue annexation of nearby areas when and where the majority of residents support it
  • Develop a Parks and Recreation master plan